Localization of websites

Translation of website content

creacion-paginas-webFE Translations also offers a translation service for the content of websites to a language of your choice, providing you with a clear and accurate translation based on high quality texts, which are translated in order to help you meet the goals expected from your website and project your company’s good image. This process will allow you to open a whole new range of possibilities to welcome new clients from different nationalities and expanding the service coverage of your company to the whole world… if you want to do so!

Creation and edition of websites

creacion-paginas-webNowadays, the creation of web pages is vital in order remain among the best companies, as most of the people around the world think of the Internet as the best way for doing business. We offer a service to create web pages in any language of your choice adapting not only the language, but the customs, culture and tendencies from each country or region in which you need the web page to be published. In order to achieve this, we have experts as well as strategic alliances with professionals and leaders in this field. This highly qualified personnel will be more than happy to take your ideas and transform them into a translated virtual reality embedded in a new and better web site that will generate real and evident success for your business.

Design and addition of information in multiple languages to existing web pages

paginas-web-multiples-idiomasRegarding web design, we can state that FE Translations has a qualified personnel who will meet all the needs and requirements that you establish for your web page. It doesn’t matter if your company is at the starting point or has been in the market for several years, our designs will make a difference. However, if your web page already exists, let us make it better and update it.


Localization of website content

Localizacion-del-contenido-webWhen designing a web page, we take into account several important aspects, such as its linguistic adaptation and the fact that the people who visit the web page need to identify themselves with its cultural aspects so that they can feel secured when reading, but mainly be able to understand the message in the same way that if it had been written by a native speaker. These are the reasons why we localize the content of the web pages, so that they can work properly from a technical and commercial point of view and they can be felt as local in those regions where they are published.

Multilingual optimization of the contents of a web page

Optimizacion-contenidos-multi-idiomasThe optimization of the contents of web pages provides our clients with the best way to position themselves at the top positions of the search options, allowing their companies to share their services and their work in a more efficient and practicable way which can lead to important achievements and an increasing performance.

With our help, every section of your web page will be available in several languages, as you ever wanted, or even better, in a way that you have never thought of! Go ahead and contact us in order to obtain more information about the wide range of web services that we offer.


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