Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

The range of interpreting services provided by our company is exceptionally wide and comprehensive. Our services englobe from consecutive or simultaneous interpretings in small meetings to simultaneous interpretings with several interpreters speaking different languages at the same time in conferences, seminars and other activities that might gather a large number of participants. We also provide a renting service of technological equipment for simultaneous interpretings (wireless receptors to receive audio from the interpreters, interpreting booths, microphones, interpreting platforms, audio and video devices, etc.). Furthermore, we can support you with the services provided by our specialized technicians, who can assist you in different activities. Depending on our customers’ requirements, we can also include complementary services, such as the translation of documents and dubbing or subtitling of video materials and audiovisual presentations.

All of our services are flexible and one the objectives of our company is to serve and support our clients with professional excellence and a high quality service in each one of their activities, in which we are involved and participate as the necessary expert support. With our work, we contribute to our clients’ activities so that they can be successful and we can establish a solid and lasting relationship based on a complete trust.


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